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October 9, 2013

Elegant Earrings Tutorials

Here are some of my favorite earring tutorials. Some are from Pinterest, and may be free or paid, some are to purchase at Etsy, and some are YouTube videos of techniques I like. I hope you like them, too!

First of all, some Pinterest interest.

This one is an inexpensive tutorial with basic coiled, hammered and wire wrapped techniques. If you're a beginner, start with raw copper wire (natural, uncoated). It's inexpensive, great for practice, and skilled jewelry artisans also use it, too!

Here's another cool earring tutorial I found on Pinterest. This one is free, and includes a supply list and some supply sources. (I'm definitely gonna give this one a try, and when I do I'll post a photo here.)

Etsy is another place to find fabulous earring tutorials. They're usually instant downloads in PDF format, and reasonably priced.

I'm including this one by JustynaJewellery via Pinterest because she belongs to an Etsy Pinterest team, so clearly she allows her items to be pinned. Otherwise I'd be writing to her, asking permission to include her Etsy image/link, and I'd rather be writing this post, then maybe eating lunch!!

Here's another Etsy earring tutorial I really like, by JewelryonPicadilly, an Etsy shop owner who also belongs to an Etsy Pinterest team. It's a beginner wire-wrapped briolette how-to with a coil-wrapped jump ring.

You can find lots more Etsy earring tutorials at Pinterest | Earring tutorials at Etsy

YouTube videos are great for learning a new craft technique. You can watch a couple of my favorites right here on this page or jump on over to YouTube.

This is a nice, step by step tutorial for making leaf-shaped earrings with a bead.

If you like bohemian style you'll love this fiber earring video tutorial by Abbi Berta at The Bead Place.

Okay, that's all for this post. I got distracted way past lunch and dinner time, and I still need to eat!!